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Todd V. McDonald, President, ATW Training SolutionsTodd V. McDonald, President
Striking the balance between productivity and time for training is a puzzle that many businesses have a hard time solving. It calls for efficient strategizing and implementation of training, an aspect where ATW Training Solutions excels. With over 20 years of experience, ATW Training delivers tailored training solutions to clients from a wide range of industries including manufacturing, healthcare, banking, and insurance.

Too often businesses with limited budgets and time choose to forego development opportunities, even if training has been shown to boost productivity. ATW helps clients by tailoring training programs to meet client budgets and time constraints. ATW’s products and services are designed to minimize the impact that training may have on learners and their organizations losing out on productive working hours.

ATW knows there isn’t a “one size fits all” training solution. ATW begins work with each client by listening to identify and focus on the unique challenges of each client. “The need to develop and offer learning programs is often sidelined amidst other priorities that a company may have. We take these training burdens away from organizations by focusing on their unique challenges in order to maximize the impact that training has on their organizational success,” says Todd V. McDonald, President. McDonald attributes a great deal of ATW’s success to their team of experts who listen, develop, and implement real-world training concepts and strategies. “We have a great team with significant experience. They can drive home key concepts by sharing how they have dealt with them personally,” comments McDonald.

ATW’s training products and services focus on four core areas of every organization—leadership, teamwork, customer service, and communication.

The need to develop and offer learning programs is often sidelined amidst other priorities that a company may have. We take these training burdens

These core four have been the foundation for ATW client success over the years. ATW has developed many of their programs but also partners with thought leaders such as Ken Blanchard and Patrick Lencioni to bring world-class products and services to its clients.

Facilitated classroom sessions, customized eLearning, micro-learning elements, and application-oriented activities help training participants transfer knowledge to immediate, practical application. This immediate application not only helps organizational productivity and efficiency, but aids in employee retention. “Organizations make heavy investments in hiring but sometimes they forget to focus on how to keep employees,” McDonald mentions. “In today’s workplace, employees not only want professional development, but expect it.”

ATW is well known for their series approach to leadership development. Series, include a working leader program (those not in a formal leadership position but with the need to influence others) and progresses through new supervisors, managers and emerging leaders. When individuals complete any of these series offerings, they not only bring new tools and skills to their job, but also feel greater commitment to their organization.

A recent success story of a client best exemplifies ATW’s capacity in delivering results-driven training solutions. A construction company wanted to improve its leaders’ capacity and enhance its bench strength and succession planning. After conducting requirement assessments, surveys, and focus groups, ATW created and delivered individual programs for the leaders who fulfilled the company’s agenda of succession planning. In the last three years, the organization grew by over 35 percent while retaining all the 70+ leaders who participated in ATW’s leadership development program—a feat that would not have been accomplished without their focus on growing their employees to help fuel organizational growth.

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ATW Training Solutions

Urbandale, IA

Todd V. McDonald, President

ATW Training Solutions aims to create high-performance workplaces through human development. The company has endeavored and succeeded in assisting other organizations in unleashing their human potential to achieve higher success. The organization is dedicated to providing excellence in all that is being accomplished and developing training alternatives that meet the requirements. They meet all the obligations ranging from tailored classroom alternatives on Leadership, Team Work, Customer Service, and Communications to instructional design and material growth, including eLearning modules. ATW will provide training alternatives for its particular service requirements and various staff populations to other organizations