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Tim Wasserman, Chief Learning Officer, TwentyEighty Strategy ExecutionTim Wasserman, Chief Learning Officer
With more than two decades of experience in project-focused corporate education, Tim Wasserman, Chief Learning Officer of TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, has led a myriad of global design and implementation teams to improve strategic execution capabilities of organizations such as Apple, Google, Boeing, Cisco, and others. Being in the industry for years, Wasserman firmly believes corporate education, “is a must from the individual-level to the enterprise-level,” and is key to organizations staying relevant as the speed, unpredictability, and volatility of business increases. He observes that in today’s complex, rapidly changing world, even if organizations take measurable steps to improve their skills and capabilities through traditional and digital training approaches, their efforts often fail to achieve desired impact.

“Being able to learn ‘what’ to do is important but only the first step; the key is ‘how’ this new knowledge is applied. Individuals must take what is learned and use it appropriately and effectively in their everyday work. This ability to transfer knowledge into practice is the key to making a difference and truly impacting organizational results,” points out Wasserman.

At the same time, organizations are looking for ways to shorten the amount of traditional classroom training time, as employees cannot afford to be away from work for an extended period of time. These are the challenges that his company, Strategy Execution, is addressing. It assists organizations in acquiring and applying the skills and capabilities that help accomplish project work within shifting corporate landscapes.

Rebranded in 2015, Strategy Execution is the union of two prominent industry leaders, ESI International and IPS Learning that have more than three decades of joint experience in project leadership training. By combining the best thought leadership from world-class academic institutions with experience from expert practitioners, the firm offers innovative solutions for adaptively executing project-based work across a spectrum of disciplines including project, program and portfolio management, business analysis, agile and lean deployment, and contract and vendor management.

Strategy Execution gets people to think differently about work—from aligning technical and leadership skills via a holistic approach to solving real-world business problems

“With the belief that learning is a journey, we partner with our clients to offer solutions that help them assess, develop, and ensure adoption of the skills and capabilities required to get sustainable results,” extols Wasserman.

Strategy Execution offers its clients multiple training modalities—live, onsite instructor-led (ILT), live, virtual instructor-led (VILT), and self-paced eLearning. Increasingly, Strategy Execution provides blended solutions that take elements of all of these modalities and offers them on an integrated platform allowing for more adaptive and flexible learning solutions.

As an example, one of the world’s largest professional service providers wanted to enhance technical skills and capabilities of its teams on a global scale as it worked to expand its services on large scale technology implementations. Upon engaging with Strategy Execution, a skills assessment was conducted that identified gaps and a comprehensive learning plan was developed. The company provided on-the-ground training and ongoing support to deliver the skills the client needed to improve its operations. This increased not only the client’s project performance, but also its customer satisfaction rate.

Enhancing Strategy Execution’s portfolio is the power of two notable partnerships—Duke Corporate Education and The George Washington University School of Business. By joining forces with Duke Corporate Education, Strategy Execution has launched the ground-breaking Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP) that focuses on developing leaders of project-based work for the challenges of today as they navigate complex projects in the midst of uncertain and unpredictable environments. Strategy Execution’s long-time partnership with The George Washington University provides learners with a variety of courses, certificates, and credentials designed to sharpen the core skills of project professionals.

Strategy Execution is constantly developing and adapting, researching and investing in the content and services that can continuously deliver the necessary skills to help clients stay current. “The learning landscape will continue to change and evolve. It will rely on advances in technologies, trends and emerging content to address the ever changing demands of the global workforce and the dynamic business environment we all operate in,” concludes Wasserman.

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TwentyEighty Strategy Execution

Arlington, VA

Tim Wasserman, Chief Learning Officer and Christoffer Ellehuus, CEO, Matthew Ansbro, Chief Revenue Officer and Treion Muller, Chief Product Officer

Strategy Execution is the worldwide authority in training for corporate education and project management. The organization is the global authority in the preparation of project management, equipping customers with the full package of technical and management abilities in mindset, adaptability, and knowledge to lead and implement projects in any context. The organization challenges and allows customers to close the execution strategy gap by enhancing project management abilities and driving greater organizational efficiency. Whether the client's goal is to sharpen the core skills of the team or to evolve the way leadership approaches execution of the strategy, Strategy Execution has the training solutions that transform the way to think, lead, execute, and perform