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Jeb Blount, CEO & Founder, Sales GravyJeb Blount, CEO & Founder
Have a close look at the best sales teams—the ones that truly out-perform expectations. What do you see?

Beyond the energy on the floor, the high fives, and the cheers for a closed deal, you’ll notice that the best sales teams in the world are focused on getting better every single day.

How do they do it?

Meet Sales Gravy, a global leader in sales training and enablement solutions with a proven track record of helping a Who’s Who of the most prestigious companies build high-performing sales teams, fast!

Building the Box around the Client

While most training providers these days deliver one-size-fits-all generic programs, Sales Gravy has carved a niche in the corporate education landscape with its capability to build unique training solutions around each client based on their unique situation. “We recognize that every company culture and situation is different, and that they don’t fit into a generic training box. We work hard to understand our client, learn their unique language, and then build the box around them,” says Jeb Blount, CEO and founder, Sales Gravy.

Sales Gravy, and its team of over twenty master trainers and consultants, leverages a comprehensive pre-training discovery and alignment process to ensure its training (and content) aligns with the client’s culture, ideologies, metrics-that-matter, and industry vertical. The pre-training preparation process allows Sales Gravy’s master trainers to integrate the client’s exact vernacular, reference cases, terminology, and sales processes into the curriculum. Blount explains, “We step into a client’s shoes and develop a curriculum specifically for them.”

This personalized approach to sales training is a philosophy that Blount believes is the foundation of Sales Gravy’s success and meteoric growth. He adds, “The most flattering feedback we receive is when clients tell us, ‘it feels like you are a part of our team.’”

Master Trainers Who Connect With Training Participants

When it comes to trainers, Sales Gravy is in a class by itself. “Our trainers are the best in the world. These women and men are elite athletes of sales and sales leadership who make a massive impact when they step into a classroom,” Blount says proudly.

Every member of Team Sales Gravy is a practitioner first and trainer second. Because of their real-world experience, Sales Gravy’s trainers are able to relate to the challenges faced by the people they teach and coach.

“Sales Professionals can sniff out a fake from a mile away,” says Blount. “You cannot stand in front of salespeople if you haven’t been in the trenches and made the same mistakes as the audience. It is tough to deliver effective training if they are unable to relate to your experiences. Without credibility in the classroom, it becomes tough to impart knowledge,” he adds.

Deep Content

Another key differentiator of Sales Gravy is its original content—which is delivered in classroom training, workshops, virtual instructor-led training, self-directed e-learning, peer groups, and keynote speeches. With eleven bestselling books in print, Sales Gravy literally “wrote the book” on sales training. “With our complete system of sales training, we cover the entire scope of a sales, account management, and customer experience processes. No other company in the industry has a portfolio of original published training content this deep,” says Blount.

Sales Gravy’s learning material is also available on the company’s popular mobile-ready learning management platform, Sales Gravy University.

There, sales professionals and leaders supplement in-classroom learning and hone their skills with self-directed video-based e-learning. With a constantly-growing course catalog, the platform covers every aspect of the sales process.

Proven Process

To align its solutions with a client’s desired outcomes, Sales Gravy banks upon a tried-and-tested process called ADIO2—Assess, Design, Implement, Optimize, and Operationalize. In the first stage, Sales Gravy performs a thorough assessment to identify the client’s unique attributes, sales culture, and desired outcomes. Then, working with the client’s L&D team, the Sales Gravy designs and implement the program.

Next, Sales Gravy gathers feedback from the training sessions, iterates the material until it is optimized for the learners and is producing the desired outcomes.

In the final step, Sales Gravy operationalizes the programs into the client’s business workflows, processes, and systems. “Training is not just a one-time activity. We are laser-focused on both long-term cultural transformation and delivering business outcomes that connect with the client’s metrics that matter,” says Blount.

Once the new sales methodologies are fully integrated into the client’s culture and processes, sales productivity accelerates. Just ask Don Cooper, the president and general manager of an industrial service company. “After integrating Sales Gravy’s Fanatical Prospecting program, our sales reps have literally set 10x more appointments than before, and our pipelines are full again,” he reveals.

Cooper is one of many sales leaders who has leveraged Sales Gravy’s practices to successfully build high-performing sales teams and generate the highest-possible return on their sales headcount investment.

Customized E-Learning

It is worth highlighting that “speed” is one of Sales Gravy’s key strengths. Since all its content is created in-house, Sales Gravy is agile and able to pivot quickly in response to client needs and demands. “For example, we can create a sales onboarding program or sales playbook from start to finish and deploy it on our client’s LMS within 90 days as compared to other firms in our space who take more than a year and bill triple our cost,” says Blount.

Blount elaborates, “We have our own studio, media team, and designers. If an organization wishes to build their e-learning program from the ground up, we have the capabilities to develop the story boards, shoot and edit the videos, build animations and graphics, craft interactive lessons, and create the exercises and assessments. And we have the in-house expertise to do this on any LMS platform.”

Global Presence and The Road Ahead

Sales Gravy is an industry-agnostic company serving verticals ranging from software and tech, aerospace and defense, transportation, agriculture, sports, entertainment, capital goods, business services among many others. It even provides specialized training for military recruiters stationed in the USA.

This ability to work across industries gives Sales Gravy a distinct competitive advantage. “We have clients ranging from Fortune 10 companies to startups,” says Blount. “Our trainers and consultants are masters at leveraging cross-industry best practices to help our clients make performance and productivity improvements faster.”

With a global footprint, Sales Gravy delivers training on every continent except Antarctica. There is no denying the impact Sales Gravy’s comprehensive, end-to-end training system has made on its clients worldwide which is one of the reasons why more than half a million sales professionals and leaders follow Sales Gravy religiously and subscribe to its weekly newsletters, podcasts, articles, and videos.

In the years ahead, Sales Gravy will continue to solve what it believes are the three biggest hurdles plaguing sales professionals: top-of-the-funnel sales prospecting, lack of interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, and a transactional approach toward customers. “The future of sales is transformation-based sales strategies and a focus on delivering measurable business outcomes for customers,” says Blount.

This next-generation philosophy will take center stage in Sales Gravy’s new training suite titled Business Outcome Selling Strategies. “Business Outcome Selling' is how next-gen B2B companies will accelerate sales productivity, operationalize hyper-growth strategies, lockout competitors, and expand customer relationships,” explains Blount.

Rather than treating sales as a siloed departmental discipline, BOSS links disciplines across the entire enterprise—marketing, business development, operations, account management, and customer success—in a fluid motion to create an unassailable competitive edge. Every department and every team plays a connected role in landing new logos, delivering a legendary customer experience, and retaining and expanding customer relationships.

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Sales Gravy

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Jeb Blount, CEO & Founder

What’s the secret to success of the world’s highest performing sales teams? Sales Gravy. An international corporate training consultancy that offers e-learning programs, classroom sessions, and consulting services to help clients generate the highest possible return on sales headcount investment. Sales Gravy offers a mobile-ready learning management platform titled Sales Gravy University where sales professionals and leaders supplement in-classroom learning and hone their skills with self-directed video based e-learning. Through classroom training, workshops, virtual instructor-led training, self-directed e-learning, peer groups, and keynote speeches, Sales Gravy’s complete system of sales training covers the entire scope of a sales, account management, and customer experience processes